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Painter Consulting Ltd

Author and Creator of the Planning Companion® - an inovative business planning toolkit and service for SME's.

The Planning Companion is a tested and proven step by step process that enables SMEs to complete highly effective and practical business plans by facilitating collaboration between the SME and their business consultant.

Our unique service delivery system and digital processes enable our panel of advisers to use their time and expertise on activities that directly support and benefit you rather than on admin, report formatting and unnecessary meetings.

This means PC can offer you specialist, targeted assistance at a fraction of the cost of traditional business consultancy.

Our Vision is to fully automate the Planning Companion service via an online portal and, in doing so, create a new form of low cost, highly targetted and effective business support for SMEs.

More details to follow here shortly.

To contact us please email: mp@painterconsulting.co.uk