Who is Colour Guards® for?
Colour Guards®
is a fun and exciting dice based board game of tactics and strategy for 2, 3 or 4 players. Originally developed by Mark Painter as a fun introduction to strategy for young children, the game has since been enhanced and rigorously playtested by his 12 year old son, Josh. The game has a very broad appeal - boys and girls, young and old, both serious and occasional gamers. It is ideal for players of different ages and so it is a perfect way for families to share a common interest and spend time together. As players choose how to allocate a maximum total dice roll of 20, the game also provides a fun form of mental maths practice for younger children!

Why is Colour Guards® different?
A fresh board layout is created by the players at the start of every game. The layout of the board has a major impact on play and tactics and so every game is different. This unique and addictive feature of Colour Guards® means players will want to keep returning to the game. Player interest is maintained throughout each game due to the many twists and turns, the difficulty in predicting the winner and the impact of the simple, but effective, Rules of Play.

How do you play Colour Guards®
Players place and move their pieces using as much or as little tactics and strategy as they wish. The use of dice introduces that element of chance, (and, of course, frustration or joy!), and allows less tactical or skilled players to compete with more experienced veterans so ensuring every game is competitive. Some players, especially the younger ones, may just have fun laying and moving their pieces from a largely visual perspective, (but if the dice fall kindly, and their opponent is not concentrating, they could still be the eventual winner!)

Approximate play time using the two dice provided is around 30 - 45 minutes. (Players can opt for a longer game time by choosing to play with two standard six sided dice).
There are plenty of factors to consider during play, such as the different moves allowed by the pieces, the barriers created by the scenery, the fall of the dice and your opponents’ tactics. The objective of Colour Guards® is to capture your opponents’ Colour whilst at the same time trying to defend your own.

To keep the game fresh, engaging and exciting, further accessories are in the pipeline, including brand new scenery themes, game features and pieces, along with customising options.


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Welcome to Colour Guards®
A fun and exciting dice based family board game of tactics and strategy for 2 - 4 players.

March 2017
We are delighted to confirm that Colour Guards
® will be exhibiting at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham 2nd - 4th June 2017.
See the Sketchfab 3D model here.
What playtesters have said about Colour Guards®

“…Easy to grasp and simple to learn yet still containing massive strategic potential!"
“I love that it encourages strategic thinking whilst remaining so accessible and easy to understand.”
“I'm a huge fan of the fact it lets me set up the board the way I want - it adds hugely to the replay value”
“…I have almost as much fun setting things up as I do playing the game!"
“…My kids loved it!...’
April 2017
We are looking to secure funding for tooling in order to replace the existing 2D card characters with eye catching and highly collectible 3D moulded pieces.

April 2017
A digital version of Colour Guards® is planned which would offer the traditional board game experience but with exciting additional features.